About the MG TABC Group

The T-ABC Group can be considered a “car club”, but as an online community we do not have meetings, dues or events. We see each other face to face only on the occasions that a few of us meet at some MG function.

The group began in March of 1998 when several TC owners began exchanging information via email. Over the next few weeks, word of the group spread. As others joined, it was expanded to include TA and TB owners as well. With about two dozen people now communicating, Walter Prechsl created a website to showcase technical articles and photos shared by various members.

By the next year, membership in the group had grown to the point that communication became difficult. Walter set up an email exchange through a server at his business which allowed a message to be sent to a single email address and reach all members of the group at once.  The server was soon overwhelmed so in November 1999 it was moved to eGroups with Jim Shade managing the communication side of things.  eGroups was purchased by Yahoo Groups in August 2000, and continued as the group’s method of communication, with Walter’s website being used for photos.

The T-ABC website he created originally included a gallery where members could submit photos and information about themselves and their cars. The site grew to include Parts Suppliers, Technical Articles, Special Files, Classified Ads, etc.

The next milestone came when someone suggested a car badge. A design contest was held, members voted, and the design created by Austin Baer was selected. Embroidered patches with the same design came soon after.

Yahoo Groups later added a photo storage area which was utilized by Jim as a supplement to the email list. With the Yahoo gallery activated, we could now post our own files and photos to the Yahoo site which made things easier on Walter. TABC member David Edgar had also been brought on board to take some of the workload off of Jim, who was until then managing the Yahoo Group site of things on his own.

By the group’s 10th anniversary in 2008, we had 863 member in about 27 countries, with 300 badges and 100 patches sold. In 2009, member Steve Simmons also volunteered to help with the administration of the email list.

In 2012, Walter transferred ownership and care of the MG-TABC web site to Steve who over the next several months re-vamped the site and added a dedicated discussion forum. This site went live in January of 2013.  Development of the site continues with input from its members, the MG-TABC community.

Now that you know a little more about us, we hope you join our group to help promote these cars, and ensure they remain for generations to come!