MG TC8204 now in The Netherlands after residing in USA !

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Bart Sanders
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MG TC8204 now in The Netherlands after residing in USA !

Post by Bart Sanders » Fri Oct 18, 2019 12:49 pm

Hello to you all!

My name is Bart Sanders and I live in the southern part of The Netherlands.

Marjoleen, my wife, and I decided to start looking for a good MG TC, some months ago. And, finally, we have found and bought the MG TC that is going to be completely ours when picked up coming Monday from the seller. It's TC8204 with matching XPAG 8809. It's a runner and in fair to good condition. We plan to drive with it, so it does not have to be in concours condition. By the way, it's a "home" version, no export version, RHD.

When checking the numbers, the technical and other details before buying it, we discovered a USA insurance card in the door sidepocket. Our vendor told us, that he found it by accident somewhere in the car. He bought this car some three years ago from a Dutch oldtimer specialist company called Union Jack in a city named Oldenzaal. The original paperwork is present, the invoice of that sale, the USA Title document, import papers, etcetera. So, it was clear that this one was exported and has been used in the USA.

But, by who? Here is where this MG TABC website and members come in. When browsing, again, this website I discovered that one can find out which member owns which TC. Lo and behold, I got an immediate hit when entering TC8204!

A certain Bob Mendelsohn from Cleveland, Ohio was listed as the member owning this TC! And a couple of more details are also present. The page lists the record date as June 22nd, 2012. That may add up well. I assume that Mr. Mendelsohn entered his details into this website, when actively driving his car, TC8204. Around 2015 I guess, this car was likely sold to said company and left the USA for The Netherlands. Where it ended up in the garage of my seller in 2016. And coming Monday in our own garage.

Question: When searching through the memberlist, Mr. Mendelsohn did not appear. Does anybody know more about him? We would love to contact him and tell him where his car is now. And, also ask him about the history of his car before he bought it.

Ok, here is TC8204 when being inspected in seller's garage:
TC8204 standing in the garage of our seller
TC8204 standing in the garage of our seller
We hope to get some more information, in any case this MG TC is a lot closer to Abingdon again....

Best regards!


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