Distributor micro adjuster

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ian theobald
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Distributor micro adjuster

Post by ian theobald » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:32 pm

Good day, I now have my TC drivable with trim installed for the front section.
Just before my car went in for paint repair my distributor was re fitted after being overhauled but was only timed for TDC.
The micro adjuster was wound to O markings .
Problem is when winding to advance there is slop allowing the distributor to move several degrees back and forth irrespective of adjustor.
It seems play is in linkages and previously had been tack welded
I have had to rewind back to 0 and turn distributor clockwise a fraction to give a little bit of advance as unwinding the micro adjustor to the max only just starts to have any effect but still allows distributor to have loose movement
I'm not sure how linkages could be worn as would not be something that moves much over its life time.
Has any one had this issue?
Any way ,car runs sweet and has no rattles now

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Re: Distributor micro adjuster

Post by Kenmgtc » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:15 pm

Mine is very sloppy too. I suspect this is from attempting to adjust it without loosening the distributor fixing bolt.

its mostly for show. I adjust mine with a timing light!

Ken Klemmer
1948 TC 5510

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