Hey, There's a TC in my garage

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Mark McCombs
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Hey, There's a TC in my garage

Post by Mark McCombs » Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:47 am

After a really long battle, the pile of parts and boxes of wood appears to now be a TC.

Actually, this is about what I thought I bought in June of 1999. Sure, the door fit on the passenger side was off but the drivers side looked really good, so i'm sure this will be a fun Summer project...
Little did I know the drivers side fit so well because it was the original (but failing) wood, and the passenger side didnt fit at all because the main rail, hinge and latch posts were replaced with ill-fitting replacement wood that was miles off once I knew what I was looking at. And so, it all came apart, and the Summer project turned into a really long thing.

At an rate, all wood now replaced, including the doors, marine varnished, new side quarters, and fit is pretty good if I do say. And no body putty was harmed in the making of the door fit.

I was pretty apprehensive when I put the hood on, as it has never been installed since I bought it but fortunately, it fits really closely.

A lay person would look at the pics and think it has a long way to go, but anyone who has build a tub would appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel now in sight. At least the more enjoyable part.
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Steve Simmons
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Re: Hey, There's a TC in my garage

Post by Steve Simmons » Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:48 am

I think you're right, those photos would scare the average person. But I'm envious! I can't wait until 9849 gets to that point. Very nice job, sir! :thumbs:
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