How to use this site

For additional assistance or information, contact the webmaster by using the “Contact us” link in the menu to the right.


Navigate through the main pages of the site by using the menu located near the top of the screen.  Additional pages can be found in the menus to the right.

Discussion Forum

To read or comment in the discussion forum, click the link in the top menu marked “Discussion Forum”.  There you will find a list of discussion topics started by other members.  Click on any topic title to view the topic and all replies.  If there are more than 30 comments in a topic, it will be split into additional pages to speed up loading times.  You will find buttons to move forward or backward through the pages below the last post on each page.

Anyone may read the messages in the discussion forum, but you must be a member of the group to add your own comments.  If you are not sure how to become a member, click the link in the menu on the right titled “How to join”.  There you will find simple instructions for joining the group.

Protected Pages

There are a few password-protected pages on this site.  The passwords are in place to prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses and to maintain the privacy of our members.  Any TABC member may request the password by using the Contact page in the menu to the right.  Please do not post the password publicly in the discussion forums!

Viewing Images

Most images on the site can be clicked on, which bring up a larger version and additional details or comments.