MG TC Scuttle Mask Board

The under-dash panel has been discarded on most TCs. This is a guide for owners who wish to retrofit one.

This scan was taken from Plate "U" of the MG Midget Series "TC" Illustrated List of Service Parts, Issue 2, 1948. The added measurements are from a scuttle mask board that was made using the illustration as a guide. Dimensions are approximate. Check for individual fit before cutting the pattern.


Use 3/32" to 1/8" thick fiberboard. Depending on flexibility of the board, it may be necessary to warp the mask with water to (a) make it conform with the dashboard bottom contour and (b) obtain clearance above the handbrake lever. Cover the exposed surface with vinyl after the board is bent to shape.

Tabs can be riveted or bolted to the mask board.

Consider slitting the mask from the 4"diameter hole to the edge at the dashboard. This might allow removal of the mask without detaching the steering wheel or loosening the bolts at the steering column support bracket and steering box. If the mask is slit, a third mounting tab may be needed to keep it snug against the dash underside.