TC Carburattors

Mark Stolzenberg


Recently a member of the T-ABC list requested information and pictures of the TC carbs and the linkage setup. His problem was that he had purchased his car as a basket case and the carburetors were literally taken apart and in a basket. He had no way to determine how the linkage was put together. I responded that I would send him pictures and a drawing I had made when I took the carbs off my 1949 TC. Several list member also requested my pictures, suggesting that they be put on the T-ABC website.
The series of pictures and drawing are ones I took after I removed the carbs from my TC. Typically, when you view the carbs as they are mounted on the car, the linkage setup is hidden behind the air cleaner manifold and the cable support. Most of the pictures are taken from the manifold side, revealing better pictures of the linkage. I left the air cleaner manifold on for reference. For the fast idle setup, check the TC's Forever book by Mike Sherrell. Pages 245 and 247 provide an excellent description. Hope this helps!

Mark Stolzenburg TC 7812 05-28-2002