TC Body Screws and Brakets

I think the only thing which is ready to go is the photos which are available on the website "Flikr" ( -- Google it and it's at the top of the list. I sent out a general notice to the list of it's existence and have had 10 hits and one member contact me direct for further information as a result of seeing something on one of the photos and needing further information, to which I have replied. As far as construction notes go, I enclose samples. I don't want to re-invent the wheel if somebody else has done the same thing (probably better than me) I only bothered with things which could not be found already in TC's Forever. I have also started (laboriously)to archive all of the messages which come from the list when they relate to mechanical matters so they can be used as a reference for somebody wanting to check it out - you know the sort of thing - "I'm sure I saw something about that a couple of years ago, but can't find it" That is just starting, but could be an interesting section on the website when it is better organised - don't hold your breath!

Chris Oswald