Bonnet Holder

by Mark Stolzenburg








Attached is a drawing for making TC Bonnet Holders. I would suggest they be made from hardwood about 9/16 inches thick or as thick as will fit through the loop of the battery box clip on the near side (left side) and the loop of the tool box clip on the off side (right side) with minimum slack when fit through the loops. The original holders (from which I made the drawing) were sent to me about two years ago by Bob Figenskau of MG Motoring Goodies, Minnetonka, Minnesota after I had sent a note to the mg-tabc list. A note that Bob sent with the holders stated that the original idea and design was done by a friend of his, Warren Johnson who had just passed away. So the credit for these belong to Warren. What a wonderful idea. They work great and you don't have to worry about the hood (sorry bonnet) falling.