Boot enlargement for the TC

Walter Prechsl

From an idea of some German MG car club members I "enlarged" the boot of my TC to get more space for spares and tools. As material I used pine plywood because of the increased content of natural resins.

I started the work with the removal of the rear board above the diff. I cut it across the width and glued a strip of leather between them, so that it became a hinged lid. The front half of the board could be flapped upwards to gain access to the new boxes.

Firstly, I cut all the parts out of the plywood, glued and screwed the boxes together and then fixed them beside the diff with screws only, to be removable at any time. You can see that clearly from the photos.

If there are further questions or my explanation was to poor, please mail me.


the boxes before mounting

a glance at the mounted boxes

and here the exact technical sketch (all measures im mm - sorry)

click for a full size drawing