Master cylinder wrench

"... I don't understand how to remove the master cylinder from the chassis. I see a large nut on the end of the banjo fitting shaft but there is no room to get a wrench,(spanner), on it. Does this require a special tool?"

Tom - easier than going the route of buying the Phil Marino nut (any event, you still need to remove the original nut), purchase a 28 millimetre ring spanner, cut a bit more than 1 centimeter out of the ring to make a pipe spanner that fits over the shaft, heat the spanner shaft to facilitate your bending it 90 degrees some 7 centimeters down the shaft from the ring so you end up with an "L" shaped ring spanner. Bending the shaft assumes you do not have sufficient ground clearance to use the spanner's full length shaft. Then simply slip the pipe spanner over the shaft and tug away. If you need more leverage, attach a Visegrip to the spanner shaft and tug some more. Works like a charm.

Joe Gates