Fitting Instructions for the MG TA/TB/TC Panhard Rod Assembly

The idea to produce a Panhard Rod, for MG T types with a beam front axle was developed from an article by Jonathan Taylor, published in the MG Octagon Car Club magazine, the "Bulletin" in January 1997. This development was designed by Fritz Remiger and Walter Prechsl.

The Panhard Rod assembly improves the steering of TA, TB nd TC cars by limiting the lateral movement of the axle in relation to the chassis and body of the vehicle. We produce these assemblies for MG enthusiasts and club members. The price of DM 380 covers the cost of the materials and finishing only. We do not make any profit from the rod.


The ball joints have maintenance free bronze bushes. The pipe section and steel attachments are pre treated by sandblasting, primed and finished in black 2-component spray paint.

Photo 1:
The complete assembly, showing the central rod and ball joints, length adjustment and side brackets.

Photo 2:
The right hand side bracket. This fits between the shock absorber and the chassis. Additional rigidity is given by the "ear" shaped part being bolted to the wing stay lower attachment. This photo shows the rod protruding from the bracket in the opposite direction to that when fitted to the vehicle.

Photo 3:
The left hand side bracket which is fitted in the position shown, under the spring, using the four spring/axle bolts (with additional holes for the two smaller studs).


Assemble the central rod on to the right hand bracket as shown. The right hand side bracket fits between the shock absorber back plate and the chassis. As we have found that there is some variance in the position of the shock absorber holes in the chassis in relation to the wing bracing brackets, we have not drilled the two main holes in the bracket.

Remove the shock absorber and its metal back plate (if fitted, some cars do not still have the shock absorber back plate). Bolt the Panhard bracket to the wing stay firmly. Ensure the bracket is close to the chassis and mark the shock absorber hole locations on the bracket. Remove the bracket from the car and drill the holes, paint the bare metal and refit to the car by re-bolting to the wingstay, refit shock absorber and its metal plate, and tighten up the bolts.

When fitting the left hand side bracket, the vehicle should be supported by chassis rather than the front axle.
Fit the left side bracket under the spring with the rod support bracket on the inner side of the spring. If you have the two oblong reinforcing plates under the lower spring mounting plate, you may not need to unscrew the two central studs, as the bracket can fit below the reinforcing plates.

Fit the rod to the bracket and adjust to the correct length. Check this with the cars weight on the axle, lower the car to the ground and adjust the rod correctly.

Tighten all bolts, the use of thread lock is advised.

Now you can enjoy driving your car. It should steer better, especially regarding straight line stability, and will not tend to steer "into" corners.

Please note that T type steering will only be improved with the Panhard Rod assembly if the other parts of the steering and suspension are in good condition.