Coloured turn indicators

Steve Taylor

How visable are your turn indicators?
In the UK, it is manditory to have turn indicators on any car used after 1st January 1936, so thats all us T typers. Many different types of flashing turn signals are used, from special circuits that interupt the brake lights, giving red turn signals either side of the rear number plate (yes, we have to have two rear lights, not the single one fitted to the TC home market model), to 60s style amber flashers, rarely now seen fitted into the rear wings, and some use lights from motor cycles. These can "do the job" but don't look "period".
I decided to fir double filament bulbs & holders to the front torpedo lamps, giving, obviously a white side light & white turn indicator. I then fitted two more torpedo lights to the rear, high on the fuel tank side side trim panels, in a similar position to that used by MG for the USA export type of TC. These had plastic amber lenses and are in a good position for visibility, however, those lenses looked decidedly grotty.
In addition, it would seem that on our crowded roads, modern drivers don't seem to notice a front turn sign at night that flashes a brighter white light. What to do? Must be as safe as poss, especially having seem the photo of a TC that had been in collision with a Range Rover in last months MG Octagon Club "Bulletin". The chassis had gone under the car, slicing off the front bodywork & pushing the enginge & drive train well back. So, what I tried to do was to get an amber front flashing light, whilst retaining the standard white side light, both from the standard torpedo lamp.
Lots of trials commenced, aimed at getting two bulbs into the lamp these seem to make "getting a quart into a pint pot" look easy. Eventually I obtained four side turn light repeater lamps. These are the ones mounted in the wings of modern cars, and hold very small cap-less bulbs. By cutting away the unecessary plastic around the bulbholder, I was left with a small, white bulb & holder, of the correct ampage for front side lights. This could be mounted onto a single pole bulbholder as designed for our torpedo lamps, which can be fitted with an amber coloured turn bulb. They are clamped together with a nylon wiring tie wrap and JUST fit into the lamp. Similar modification to the rear turn lights, now with frosted white glass lenses, these look much more of the correct style. The white bulbs at the rear now can be used for reversing lights, yes some TCs do have these, even with automatic operation by a switch from the gear lever! In my case, the bulb is fitted with a small red transparent cover. This gives me a low light output brake light repeater mounted high at the rear of the car. Looks good. is much clearer, and causes lots of fun at MG meets, "I know how its done" spoke one expert. "Its just a double filament bulb, one filament giving white light & the other amber!". He then gave it a bit of thought, and beat a hasty retreat.

Now, next to sort out the brakes & steering.

Safety Fast!