Signal Lights at the Rear

John Stone

Here is my answer to signal lights for my TC. I looked for a long time to find a period looking light and finally I found what I was looking for. The first TC I owned in 1955 had turn signal lights very similar to these except the lens' were arrows instead of a full lens.

The body is made by Dominion Auto in Canada and the number I have is DOM 70-2000. It is a die cast body and has a dual filament bulb and meets US DOT standards. To this I added the shield which I made from two pieces of sheet metal (the top and back). I cut tabs in the top piece and bent them over the back and silver soldered them together and then filled and painted the assembly.


Here are drawings showing how to make your own turn signal relay for about $25 US. It allows the brake light to work on one side while the turn signal is flashing on the other. I mounted the turn signal switch just above the gear shift lever and the relay box up under the cowl.