and some comment by Al Moss

Dear Jerry,

I just finished reading your article about valve adjustment and will pass on a few comments.
 First, I don't agree with you about the .019 camshafts.  These were fitted to TCs and early TDs. There are probably very few of these left running today as they were prone to wear. I did prefer leaving those at .019". As there were no factory markings of any sort on the (4) various MG factory camshafts, it was difficult to determine which was which and what the setting was to be,  I have a method but it isn't worth going into here. I do prefer setting the .012 cams at .015, however.

Now, the crux of my message.  I am always getting comments from other owners about how quiet my TC engine is.  I have always set the tappets by the following method:  I have a banjo bolt brazed shut and install this in the oil line running to the cylinder head.  It is now possible to check and adjust the clearances with the engine running.  This takes a bit of practice but it can be done.  Once set with the proper clearances, there will probably be one or two (usually the same ones, by the way) that still click.  This is because the end of the rocker is slightly cupped, giving a false reading with the feeler gauge. Now, carefully tighten that rocker screw until the clicking stops. This will give the proper setting.  If you doubt this, check it out with a dial indicator or, better still, with a vacuum gauge.

Al Moss