1) Photo of MG TC 0667 at the dock with ship:
I found my TC (my third since 1950) in Uxbridge, England in 1975, and had it shipped over through the Great Lakes to Navy Pier in Chicago, where you see it being loaded onto my trailer. No, that's me, not Elvis leaning on it. Unfortunately, after replacing its frozen clutch (bonded to the flywheel with corrosion after years of fog-bound storage prior to its rescue), TC 0667 has been driven very sparingly because of its still frail condition, and my inability to find the time to give it much attention. After my wife Ricky and I retired (to Colorado in 1990), things gor busier than ever, with ranch construction and cattle and horse breeding interfering with the important stuff. T-ABCs Forever has already begun to change all that!



2) Photo of me at the ranch:
I am the fortunate owner of the very first MG prototype, seen here at the ranch. Notice the spoked wheels (I have a smaller set for racing) and the ash wood frame. The sheet metal has long since rusted away, along with parts of this old body. Only the sun glasses are the same.