My interest with MG's started in the 1950's when I was quite young. I saw, and couldn't resist, a 1933 J2 in a local garage. I worked & saved hard & eventually was able to buy it for 150. My first car. I learned a great deal about motoring in this car & made a few expensive mistakes (like running out of oil) I didn't know you had to check the oil level frequently! My next car was a 1947 TC which , I'm ashamed to say, I drove very hard and didn't treat it very well but it never broke down. I sold it when I got married. Many years have passed with more 'ordinary' cars than I can remember. Now I am in a position to indulge my passion for MGs (which never quite went away).

I searched the internet and found my present MG -- a 1949 TC. It was bought by the previous owner as many boxes of bits & pieces in 1974. He spent the next 10 years restoring it to a very high standard and used it until I bought it in 2002. He fitted a replacement engine which has now done 18,000 miles. Total mileage is 105,000.
It had been used for a few trials & had a low ratio diff which made it tiring for long distance driving. Roger Furneaux fitted a higher ratio which has made a lot of difference.

The colour (yellow) is not a standard colour but I like it. It's always easy to find amongst a vast number of T Types (as at the Silverstone meeting last weekend).

Ann Downes