I have a 1938 TA which I purchased in Montreal in 1971 for CAD250.00. The chap that I bought it from towed me home (distance about 10 miles) -- it's the only time that I actually sat in the car when it was moving. Over the years I have worked away at it but I also travelled much over the years and, between that and raising a family, didn't get much done on the car. Until 3 years ago I had CAD1850.00 invested including the original CAD250.00. I now have CAD25,000.00 invested and the meter is still running.

The pictures show the car after buying it in 1971 and after removing some of the parts. Picture 1 actually shows my oldest son and I in the car in 1971. Michael is now 30 -- he's looking forward to sitting in it again and this time driving it. Pictures 2 and 3 are other pics of the car in 1971 showing how much of a basket case it was. Pic 4 and 5 was taken earlier this year showing the frame on one side of my two car garage and all (or most of the parts) that will make a finished car on the other side of the garage.

I am now adding parts to the frame and hope to make good progress (with the help of Bob Grunau who lives about 15 minutes from me).

Thought I would give you these pics and then give you additional pics from time-to-time as I make progress (I sure hope that the series of pics isn't over a 10 y ear time frame).

Art FitzGerald, MG TA 2070 ex Secretary of the Ontario MGT Register


Some pics taken yesterday (January 15, 2004) in Toronto area. TAs can go anywhere anytime -- just like a Hummer. It was -20C at the time and I did drive it around the block. The picture is not poor quality -- it was snowing heavily at the time.