TC. 4120 4768

4406 colour green (S/C special)



1947 TC car no. 4120 4768 colour black, 1947 TC car no. 4406 colour green (S/C special).

I have been interested in MG's since 1946 in particular T-Types. My first MG was a P-Type I acquired in1951, followed by my first TC in 1954. During a working holiday in the UK from ' 56 to' 59, I purchased an MGTD Mk. 2 in which my wife and I toured europe on our honey moon, sold later to finance our return to Oz.

Following a period of enforced MG abstinence, in the mid 80's (prior to which I had an MGB which I will ignore) I was able to enter the T type fraternity again, by acquiring the remains of 2 TCs and a TD (and a Sunbeam Alpine Series1) which I subsequently restored, converting 1 TC to a supercharged special, The result is the attached photos.I also get a lot of fun out of the TD and Alpine.

A. Griffin