I purchased my TC from MG Workshops located in Melbourne. From what I have been able to determine the car was bought new in 1949 by two brothers and used intermittently, including a stint in Tasmania, until they felt they were to old to continue driving it. They sold it to the garage in 1999 who sold it to me. Despite many enquiries I have not been able to find out more about the original owners. The car has not been restored and apart from maintenance and replacement of the hood, upholstery and steering box is completely original. It has been Clipper Blue from new, but it would seem that it was given a paint job some 10 to 15 years ago. The engine was completely reconditioned a few thousand miles ago. It is not known whether it was bored out, but the standard one and one quarter inch SU carburettors and exhaust and inlet manifolds have been retained.

Since purchasing the car I have done the following work:

1) Replaced the Bishop Cam box with a Datsun 1000 box. This made a huge difference to the handling of the car and it now actually goes where it is pointed.
2) Reconditioned the shock absorbers and re-tensioned the springs - again a big difference in handling. Re-conditioned generator.
3) When bought the car had 19" wheels in front and 16" at the back. Two 'new' 19" wheels were sourced. All wheels were reconditioned and painted and the car now runs four 19" wheels fitted with an set of original Dunlop 4-40-19 tyres, which I was very lucky to find.
4) Headlamps reflectors were re-silvered in 2001 and night vision is good even with the 35 amp bulbs.
5) A new replacement wiring loom was fitted when the old one began short circuiting the headlamps and everything under the dash got hot.
6) The exhaust system was replaced a few months ago, since the old one was ready to fall off.
7) Replaced the original rexine dash with a wood dash - looks better, but since the car is a 1949 model is not strictly correct.

The car is used regularly in club rallies, trials and social outings. I sometimes use it to commute to work or to go shopping. I own a Mustang and a MGBL. Both are fun cars, but when I really want to have fun I get into the TC.

Aubrey Paverd