I purchased the car in 1975. A danish arcitect who had been working in London a couple of years, took the car with him when he returned to Denmark in 1965. At that time I was working nearby where he lived , and I saw the car now and then .It was not for sale at that time, but it did not really matter even if it was, I had no chance to find the money. But ten years after, in 1975, the car was for sale, and I was lucky to be able to buy it. When the deal was finished, he gave me the receipt he had from the London dealer where he bought the car - 65,- !! It was not quite the amount of money that I had to pay, he had made a very good investment.
The TC was running , luckily very original, but in a very poor state. I drove the car a few times during the following year, but it really was frightening - no brakes, no steering, no teeth in the differential, just to mention a few things, so I started to take it apart, and in 1982 it was running again after a total restoration that was sheduled to take two years, but - - ! Since then we have experienced many happy miles in the TC and met many interesting people with the same passion.
If anybody know something about the car`s early history in England, please let me know. I have tried to trace it through the MG CAR CLUB`s T-REGISTER, but it was not there before 1965. The car had the registration number SMG 532, and was bought in London.

Asbjørn Pinholt