pre restauration


MG TC 9752 was built at Abingdon on the 21st September 1949. She was finished in MG Red. The first port of call was to MG Dealers Heard Brothers in Bideford, North Devon UK. Who sold the car to a local farmer in South Molton, Devon (see TC Applic letter attached) There were five other owners in the county of Devon before I bought the car from a local garage on the 4th February 1966 for 230 There were several other TC's and TD's in my town and I soon joined the Greylake MG Drivers Club and then the MG Car Club. For several years I served the T Register as Registration Secretary. TC 9752 was my only car and was used a daily transport In 1966 the car covered 9219 miles 1967 she covered 9419 miles And in 1968 10026 miles which included a week touring in the Cotswolds on honeymoon!

At the end of January 1969 I took the TC off the road for a six month rebuild which ended up taking many years. Familiar story ? Then after being used during 1979/80 she was put away and left in the garage for several years. Brought out again between 1984 and 1986 and then put away again. However in 2003 a concerted effort saw her back on the road again and " doing the local shows " although I prefer to drive her rather than show her.

Alan Turner