TA2600 was purchased and imported to the US in 1966. The first two pictures show the way is was just before it left the UK. Notice the 16” wheels on the back with very large tires. After this owner drove the car for a couple of years, he sold it to a man that owned several other MG’s. He started the restoration but got side tracked when he purchased several cardboard boxes of parts that eventually became an MG J2.  Over the next several years, there were a couple of MG’s and a Morgan restored by him while the TA was stored in the cellar of his house.  He started working on it again in the early 90’s but unfortunately died before he got too far. I purchased the car in 1994 in the condition shown in the 3rd picture. Note the doorway in the background, this is the same door in 4th photo that the body tub is going through. We had to disassemble the car and carry it out piece by piece.  In all, there were three cars in that cellar that had to be removed that way. Now almost 20 years later, I have gotten to the point where I will resume the restoration that this car deserves.

Allyn Wagner