A picture of my wife and I on the day I brought my 949 TC ( TC Exu 7678, XPAG 8455) home in 1969. The TC was abandoned in Cocoa Florida, near Cape Canaveral Missile range. It belonged to an airman that was posted to the Caribbean Island Tracking Stations and had returned with it home, only to be sent out again. This time he left the car with a "friend who abandoned it" in a field, where I found it.

After a tow home, we got it started and ran around the nationhood for a couple of days. Then it was disassembled for an overhaul. It still is disassemble, some 45 years later now. Hopefully, my son and I will get to rebuild it starting this year, at least I hope so.

Ben Gilbert
'38 SA Tickford, '49 TC Exu, '52 TD