I purchased TC5102 in June of 1998 in Lexington, Massachusetts, from a fellow who had owned the car for over thirty years. He had bought the car after he got out of college in upstate New York in 1961. He and the car were never involved in club activities and the car lived most of its life with him as an occasional driver. It was whole and drivable; however, needy and seedy. It is a non-original off-white with a red-dyed green interior. With the help of a willing neighbor we have redone the brakes, steering box, and front end. I have cleaned off years of crud - thank you Semichrome! I just picked up a set of wheels off E-Bay and am looking forward to replacing the aged tires. My intention is to keep this car as a driver and do fun club activities with it.
The rocking horses in the picture are products of my woodworking business. I make high-end gift items for the equestrian industry. With a career in high tech behind me, I am enjoying life with woodworking and TC5102.
Note the registration plate on the car: New Hampshire Antique -MGTC-. I also have the passenger car registration plate: MGTC on my daily car.

Bill Gordon