I am forwarding some more information on my cars. -TC-1982, red with red leather interior, restored, with chrome wire wheels and Alfin type brake drums. The car is licenced as a 1947, but the car left the MG factory on Dec. 19, 1946, so I guess it is really a 1946 car. Original engine number was XPAG 2322, but later changed at the factory to XPAG 2411, reference memo 49. The brass data plate shows XPAG 2411, so the factory changed the plate at the time they changed the engine. I have given this car to my older daughter Amanda (and son-in-law Mark Hall - photo).




TC-6073, dark green with black interior, car is being built as a race/road car from a collection of spare/surplus parts. It will have a TF XPEG plus specification engine, full floating pistons, light flywheel, Lucas Laystall head, extractor exhaust, 16" wheels with Dunlop race tires, Alfin type drums etc. The car left the factory on July 16, 1948. I am trying to get it complete for end May vintage races at Mosport.

TC-5573, black with red leather upholstery, restored to road car level, non-original TD block engine bored to 72 mm or XPEG TF specification, with painted wire wheels and I am about to install Alfin type brake drums. It left the factory on 26 May, 1948. I have given this car to my younger daughter Peggy.

I have a part restored 1949 TC that I have owned since 1967, TC-8654 EXU


"Anybody needs more information, I will try to help them!"



Photo of my race TC-6073 in the paddock at Watkins Glen at the 50th Anniversary of Racing at the Glen,
Sept. 10 to 13 1998.

My Alfin brake drums, oil filter adapter and front replacement stub axle, all for sale for the TC.