This is my first TC and was purchased in June, 2004 from Bill Harkins (Temecula, CA) who restored the car over a 28 month period in 1986-1988. Following restoration the TC won numerous best-in-show/best-in- class awards and was featured on the History Channel’s Dream Machine series. Bill sold the car in 1990, and in 1996, through a most fortuitous coincident, was able to repurchase the TC from the then current owner. The car has numerous features from both the original restoration and post 1996 including Tompkins steering kit, Alfin brake drums, chrome wire wheels, polished aluminum tappet and valve covers, water and oil temperature gauges, Brooklands aeroscreens and steering wheel, turn signals and center stop lamp for road safety, full set of original tools and original owner’s manual, rare tripod headlamps, and, finally, a 6-blade plastic Datsun fan and chrome radiator overflow tank which keeps the engine running cool even in Arizona’s hot summer weather. The TC still looks ready to show and is an excellent driver…I hope all of you are having as much fun as I am.

Bob Izard