My Dad, a retired USAF Colonel, was stationed at RAF Manby, near Louth, England. The car was purchased by my Dad in 1970 in Lincolnshire County, England from an RAF Lieutenant who received an overseas assignment. I was in High School at the time and he and I began the rebuild. By 1972 the car was rebuilt. He had the car shipped back to the US. I took the car to college, Texas Tech University, for 1 semester in 1973. I graduated in 1977 and from that point on the car was just moved around as a result of his assignments. It finally ended up in his hanger after he had it repainted in 2000, not running. In March 2009, I asked him what he was going to do with it, and he said "come and get it".

Since that time, my son and I have spent countless hours working on the car. A BIG thanks goes to British Auto Specialists, Fort Worth, Texas. It is now running and looks pretty good.

The racing numbers on the doors are a bit of a spoof. They are magnetic stickers. I am a B-777 Captain at American Airlines and couldn't pass up the chance to tease some of my fellow AA Captains who fly the MD-80.

Bob Lines