My wife Jean and I have owned our TC since about 1993. It is chassis no. 3923 with engine XPAG 3952. We searched several years for a T type MG and after seeing many basket cases we were lucky to find a very nice example, which needed only minor work.

I have full records of the car from 1970. It started its new life in New Jersey USA by a fellow who rebuilt the chassis. He then sold it to an airline pilot in Maryland who rebuilt the body tub and acquired many components. This gent then sold the car to another Marylander who had the body painted and then assembled all the pieces into a complete and functioning car. He retired from work and decided to move to Florida, thus prompting the sale of the TC.

We bought the TC and did the necessary sorting out and normal service items. New tires and a battery were required, along with a thorough tune up and carb rebuilds. We fitted a factory luggage carrier and found a correct horn and SFT fog lamp. Original tools were slowly accumulated along with any interesting literature we could find. The car has been dependable and is great fun. I do all mechanical and maintenance work on the car myself and find it very therapeutic to be able to keep this beautiful piece of machinery in tip top shape.

Browsing through almost 30 years of receipts is great fun also. In 1971 a new crankshaft could be had for $110 US! Abingdon Spares in the US sold 19" wheels for $45. In 1972 Dunlop tires were $38 each, I still have them but the sides have dry rot. Here's an item I wish these guys had bought a dozen of: NOS 9-post regulators for which Moss charged $14.90 US. I could go on and on but the review of a 25 year long restoration is fascinating and entertaining.