"T" Gents, I'm reading with interest and certainly welcome our new TC list. It should be the repository of a great deal of pertinent T Type mechanical and other esoterica undiluted by stuff such as nearside-hand drive, retch and pinion, 16" wheels, and other false marks of modernalia. But the thing that really gets me going is Lindsey Parsons' admitting:
"I do drive it every reasonable day I can year around. Actually, I doubt that having the top and curtains up would really make too much difference. When I owned one back in college days (early '50's) I remember dressing in ski outfits for long drives and, stopping often for libation."

Way to go Lindsey!! It certainly couldn't be that 50's libationing that hinders your ability to achieve ingress to your T with the hood up? (Whats a hood anyway)? All this brings me to the point of offering assistance when any of you may be chancing a visit to California's Napa Valley to sample our "poetry in a bottle". No free lunch mind you, but plenty of encouragement and direction, (and of course a glass or two of wine.... fine and proper), not to mention access to some of the finest two lane touring roads in the world. Our (world's oldest?) TC only club... the Abingdon Rough Riders, has members sprinkled through out the SF Bay area, and we can always pull together a few souls to natter on about T and earlier types.

Y'all come!

Bill Tantau
(TC EXU 7606 PA PB)


  bill and sally