I purchased TC #5221 at a used car lot in February 1967 here in San Jose, California. At the time I was in high school and didn't have a drivers license. Later, drove it for my first license exam.

In 1968 I began researching my TC's history and discovered I am the sixth owner. I was able to meet the fifth, fourth and second owners, collecting many original parts and tools in the process. If everyone's recollections are accurate, adding my 80,000 miles will push the total milege to nearly 300,000! The first owner is believed to have been a building contractor in San Francisco and raced the car prior to 1952. It was later campaigned by the third owner prior to 1958.

I drove it to college and work until retiring it with the purchase of a 1967 MGB/GT in 1970. In the Summer of 1973 me and my father dismantled the TC to the bare frame and removed all sheet metal from the body tub. Re-work, chrome plating, assembly and painting was complete by the Fall.

Today, TC #5221 is a very sound road car having just completed an engine overhaul, but the body is in need of new paint. The engine (XPAG 5925) had it's second set of cylinder sleeves and a new crankshaft installed in 1968, and is still running on standard bore and journals. The rear seal was modified to small block Chevrolet. The steering gear is modified VW Beetle (no new holes). The original steering can be re-fitted.... but not in my lifetime! The rear seal mod is permanient and highly recommended after a half century of a slimy oily chassis.

The photo was taken in the old port town of Alviso located on the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay.

Bill Traill