This is MG TC 2839 with XPAG engine 3462 made in 1947.

Califormian licence plate is "MG TC", orgininal plate in england was KMM 333, owned and raced by Mr. Newcombe, Goddards Cross, Bucks.

Now with alfin brakes and bored to out 1500 ccm.

Robert L. Zwart




. . . and this is my M-type from 1929, s/n 1336 and MGA 1115 engine sold in Pasadena, CA

Well! Here it is on its first outing (right). I have finished most of the details. The engine runs beautifully, thanks to many helpers... Jerry Felper has been my "cheering" team all through this by jumping up to help whenever there was a problem.... Shirley Bowman, the President of our Vintage MG Club has spent thousands of hours tearing down, cleaning, and helping restore to get me here. There were too many others to tell, but thanks! It has been 10 years, plus; to finish THE car. It is a 1929 MG M Type, sold new here in Southern California in early 1930, so I tried to restore it in the original trim, and colors, as nearly as possible with lots of help. Now we are on our way to GOF in Durango, Colorado to show the other MGers.