The "driving" picture was taken by a friend of mine just under a year ago, before I found the "Inskip-style" bumpers Betsy now wears front & rear. The photographer once owned a TA Tickford (which he sold before moving to Florida), and the quietest TD I've ever heard (which he sold to someone in Spain just before he moved still further south in Florida)
The GOF picture of Betsy and me was taken at last year's Gathering of the Faithful in Ocala, Florida. The nerf-bars on the front have since been replaced by "Inskip-style" full-width bumpers I bought from Pierre Moreau, a TC owner in Tallahassee., FL. I've also installed a period-correct driving light, and lowered the horn mounting since the photo was taken. Other than that, and the Alfin brake drums (originals were WORN OUT) Betsy looks much as she did when I bought her in Norfolk, Virginia in Sept. of 1953. I saw her first from the passenger seat of a Mk V Jaguar, belonging to my Navy roomate. We did a quick u-turn, went back to the used-car lot where she sat looking rather glum, and I'd bought her within a half-hour of my first sight. Betsy is my first car, and as I drove her off in a ,pink haze of excitement, I told her that she had best get used to me, because I did not intend to ever let her go this side of the grave. When I re-painted Betsy and gave her a new interior in 1985, I found that she had originally been cream colored, with a green interior. However, when I bought her, she was black with red interior & grille, and that's what I'd loved from the first.

Carl Fritz