"Tweed", Liz and TC 2259 Wimpole Hall 2007


I think like most owners of T types I have in my time owned a varied collection of motor cars, some I should`nt have bought and some I wish I still had... I suppose I wish I still had them all for they each must have struck a chord at the time.

It also seems to be that we are mostly in a similar age bracket... ie been round the block a couple of times, picked up a few things on the way but still capable and willing to pick up a few more. I bought 2259 in Feb 2005 and it already feel as though I`ve had it for years, of all the cars I`ve owned I don`t think any have `burrowed` their way into me like this little TC has....it`s not perfect but then neither am I so in that respect we`re well matched and I cannot see me ever parting with it....not in this world anyway.

The car went to the States sometime in the `60s where it must have had quite extensive work done, and came back to England in 1990....unfortunately I have no information as to even where it was let alone who owned for that 30 American years. The guy that owned it when it first came back turned out to be a landlord of one of the pubs in the village where I was born !...small world aint` it?. I in turn bought it from semi-retired Mechanical Engineer who had it for 16 years and in that time he did a couple of major `mods` ...namely fitting a suitably modified Morris Minor 1000 rack&pinion steering set-up and a Volvo 144 all-synchro gearbox. The original items came with the car.

Me?.. I`m 64, served a 5 year toolmaking apprenticeship but have done various other things to earn a crust... probably the best years were the 70`s and early 80`s design model making in London, North Sea oil exploration meant plenty of work and plenty of money to be earned....and of course it was the time of the mini skirt !..

My best buddy set up his Morgan restoration business and I worked with him for seven years...it was a lovely way to spend your days but not fruitful enough to keep a young family so I went back to my trade, machining....which I still do, but I`ve got me gear down for a soft landing in March `09 then stand back everybody...me and me TC are coming through!

Tweed, TC 2259, Cambridge UK