I purchased TC/9164 in 1966 for 150 after thumbing a lift in one and had to buy one I was an undergraduate then and 150 was a lot of money. The car suffered all the usual problems and the body was particularly bad and I decided to strip it down in 1970. Then life, marriage, kids and career, intervened and the TC moved house twice in the next 30 years. I have now retired and the car is making real progress although the costs are somewhat more than the original 150 purchase price. The objective is to keep the car as original as possible but to include a number of improvements mostly out of sight. Work to-date includes 8/37 rear axle, tapered half shafts and improved bearing carrier nuts with oil seals (all from Roger Furneaux), new stub axle pins (Bob Grunau), unleaded head with larger valves. The main non-original part is the VW Steering Box. TC9164 will also have a walnut dash, originally rexine. Colour finishes will be GN29 and tan interior with tan hood and side-screens. GN29 is the later darker BRG rather than GN25 the more yellow late TC colour. Hopefully TC9164 will be back on the road by next summer (2007).

Chris Howard