Attached is the earliest known picture of my TA. The location is Bluehills Mine on the Land's End Trial on 8th April 1939. The driver was E.R. King who competed as a private entrant and as part of the famous SUNBAC Team in many trials in the 1930s. Mr King only had the one fault in the 1939 Land's End so gained a Silver.

In 1966 Glenys and I were looking for an engine for her TA and saw EOP24 advertised for spares in Shefford, Bedfordshire UK. By the time we arrived the engine had gone but my future father-in-law bought what was left from a Mr Roger Harris for £30. He decided that it was too good to break (standards were not very high in the '60s). My future brother-in-law installed an XPAG engine and went off to University in the car. From 1970 until 1993 the car was unused and stored in a damp garage in Hertfordshire. We bought the remains when the lock-ups were being threatened with demolition in 1993. I have had to replace almost all body components, but I am pleased to say that the car is now back on the road and in regular use.

If anyone knows any of the history of this car between 1939 and 1966 please contact me. Our Green Log Book lists a Mr Wayne Amacher, Sylvania PSO, 6950th Security Wing, RAF Chicksands, as the owner in 1963, and Roger Harris, from whom we bought the car. Also if anyone has the Land's End Silver Medal, I would be very pleased to hear from them.


Glenys at the wheel on a rally in Wales in 2000.

Sadly, Glenys died in 2002.

Both the car and I now reside on the Greek Island of Skopelos, and it now sports a Greek historic number plate. The original UK plate however is still there underneath the Greek one. I still use the car the way it was intended (and how Glenys would have used it). Over here we have some of Europe’s best mountain roads and the Greeks love old cars. Walter has put my write up of my journey over the Alps to Greece on the MG Stories page.

Cliff Knight