If you receive a photo of an old guy with a green TC, registration ND 333 148 that is me. That photo appeared in a local newspaper.

My history is: born 20 July 1938 so just over 10 years older than my car. The first car I owned in 1957 was a green TC although I really wanted a TD (we all make mistakes) but they were more expensive than I could afford. I subsequently bought a TD which had a Wade super charger. This was followed by a ZB Magnette. Having seen the errors of my ways, an aeroscreen I had kept from my TD, had not got lost during my travels and study period in England. I spent 7 years in England where I studied Architecture at a London University. This aero screen was always to have a TC bolted on to it which occurred in 1981 when I bought my current car, it was a runner

Clem Vernon


my walnut steering wheel

my battery bracket

. . . and now the sad story from April 2003

The fire occured in the early morning of 16 April. The damage is largely to the cockpit area
which is totally destroyed. The two tyres on the driver's side are gone; condition of wheels
not known altho look OK.
The group has been most supportive.

Thanks Clem