The car, TC 0660 built on 18/04/1946, with orignal registration number
plates CRP270, issued on May 10th,went through many hands and was sold
by Octagon Ltd to America in the eighties,was discovered by me in
Houston, TX about 20 years ago in not a too good, but driving condition.

I brought it to Hamburg where it joined my wife's 1950 TD. Did some
work on it to complete previous owners "restoration" efforts. Recently
I decided to a complete overhaul including renewal of all woodwork and
most of the"iron" bits and pieces by a german company called Mika in
northern Germany/Mölln. It took us two years but was worth it. Mint
condition today and lot's of fun. For those interested, I have a full
photo  documentation on disk.

Dirk Dondorp