I have owned five MGs in my 69 years. My first car in college was a 1952 MG TD; I was going to buy a TC but it was sold before I could scrape the money together. Back then it was not a vintage car. I also owned an A and two Bs. I purchased my totally restored TC from the meticulous restorer Ed Browder, receiving it on 21 November 2006. When I went to register it in California, the woman behind the counter insisted that it's engine number XPAG5712 was for a motorcycle and she registered it as one! She wouldn't look at the car and it took several of her colleagues who did to convince her it was a car. She was just two wheels off. I also have a 2003 Jaguar S-Type R and a 2002 911 turbo. It's fun changing from the TC (0-60 in 22 sec.) to the Porsche (0-60 in 3.8 sec.). I prefer the TC and am selling the Porsche.

I intend to show the TC in local concours and drive it as much as I can. It brings back glorious memories of my college days and the first ride I had in a TC in 1948. It was cream and green and owned by my brother's friend. One ride and it was love at first sight. After numerous jobs involving travel and living overseas and helping to raise four children, I was finally able to go back to my first love.

I have attached pictures of the TC "Beowulf" (ancient English warrior)

My first MG I bought in college in the 1950s when both it and I were not vintage. Over the years since, I've owned an MGA and two MGBs before switching to Jags and Porsches. After a varied career in the Defense and State Departments and Lawrence Livermore Lab--as well as helping to raise four children (The oldest boy's initials are MG as that's what I had to sell to pay for him.), I retired and decided to return to my roots. I sold my 2002 911 turbo and invested in the restored 1948 TC pictured (TC 5135, XPAG 5712). It was expertly done by Ed Browder and I took delivery in Nov. 2006. So far, it has taken 1st place at MGs By the Bay show. I am the third owner and have a brief history from Ed who began restoration in 2002. The car is original except for the seat coverings, tonneau and top. I belong to the Abingdon Rough Riders and will be active in their drives. I live on a mountain top 30 miles south of San Francisco and the windy roads are perfect for TC fun!

Dick Gronet