This is my TA 1326 from 1937, which was prepared by the factory to be a competition model.

I have owned the car since 1967, and have rebuilt it. I believe the color is similar to original, although it is brighter than the factory´s "MG red". I was told by someone who remembered the car from 1937, at its first race in this country, that the color was a "bright red".

This car was built for Thomas Dewart, who raced it extremely in the 1930s in races sponsored by the Automobile Racing Club of America. THis car is pictured often in a book about pre-WW II racing in the United States by Joel Finn.

There are several options on this car, installed by the factory:

- Oversized Luvax Dampers (type B)
- Aluminium Bonnet
- Close-ratio 2nd and 3rd gear
- Special door locks
- Thicker wheel spokes
- 3/4 turn lock to lock steering (quicker than standard)
- Extra gauge for oil temperature
- No 30 mph warning light (two map lights instead)
- Larger than standard headlights (I am not certain of this)

Dick Little