The car was found in Nashville Tn. in 1991 in a state of restoration that was stalled and boged up. I totally disassembled the entire car, tub, frame etc. down to the last nut and bolt. I rebuilt the body tub myself with help from several sources for advice and parts (Thanks: Craig, Fred and Tom). It took me several years to do all that was necessary to restore the car. I opted to use cycle fenders as my origional ones are still in need of restoration.

I have a neuromuscular condition that prevents my driving the car due to the small pedal space, my wife drives and I shift for her. We have attended many car shows and have been well rewarded for the time spent restoring this vehicle. This is car # 7 but not the last. I am 68 years old and still looking for the next project. Happy Motoring!

Dale Livingston