1948 MG TC

Chassis # TC 4647 Engine # XPAG 5291

This car was built in Abingdon and came off the assembly line on Tuesday the 27th January 1948. The record of this was provided by Mr. Richard Millington of the MG car club of Victoria and comes from original MG factory records. The T-Series Association of Australia records show that it arrived on the S.S. NESTOR and arrived in Australia on the 23 rd. May 1948. These records show that it was delivered to a I.F. Nicholson of Barclay Motors on the 2nd June 1948. Exterior colour was described as Cream with Green interior. Very few records of early history exists but a Dr. C.J. Luke, an English doctor, purchased the car from SPORTS CAR WORLD on 21st October 1975 for $ 4,650-00 when it was registered HDS 328 and the receipt incorrectly has engine # XPAG 5201. A letter from him to the next owner is attached and incorrectly identifies the car as a late 1946 or early 1947 model but detail that it was in poor condition and sold by a HP company on default. The car was "brought up to good mechanical condition " by John Mullen of MG Spare Parts.

Ron Jarvis, of Griffith, purchased the car from another dealer, CAMCAR CENTRE, of Liverpool road, Burwood, Sydney, 2134; on the 12th June 1977. It was then registered N.S.W. MG 852 and the price paid was $3750-00. The dealers notice, at the time, indicates that the vehicle " is a very early and original vehicle and requires extensive restoration" Also itemised are other problems with the water pump, differential, axel splines, engine rings, noisey gearbox, etc. Ron has said the car was in fair condition and he restored it for concours events. He said the engine has had new rings and bearings and has done less than 5000 miles during his ownership. The car at one stage of its life had been painted red! , over the original cream

Regards Doug