TC 10217 Produced November 24th 1949 in the very last week of TC production. Engine #XPAG 10815 Original Color - unknown

Found as a barely recognizable basket case in 1978 on the first floor of a warehouse here in Rhode Island that had experienced a flood that brought the water line just over the gearbox. It was a rolling chassis with only engine, gearbox differential and body tub. Identifiable only with the dumb iron stamp - no makers plates anywhere on either the car or engine. Assorted body parts fenders, hood and gas tank in a pile in the attic, incorrect wheels/tires, no instrumentation, grille shell or headlamps. 13 years later (much of that time spent sourcing and saving $), completed restoration in 1991 and drive as often and weather, traffic and time permits.

On a personal note, I have been close to T series ever since I accompanied my father in 1963 to purchase a TD off a used car lot when I was 14 years old. I learned how to drive in that car and he sold it to me in 1971. I still own/drive that as my alternate T-Type. I created the Rhode Island Chapter of the NE MG 'T' Register in 1976 and my wife and I co-hosted a GOF in 1978 in Newport which some of you perhaps still remember. The MG world has lead to many long lasting friendships that have taken us to the UK a number of times and even to New Zealand for a rally in 1999.

Dave Osborn