The history of my TC is not known, as the car was found in a paddock in many pieces and lovingly restored by a gentlemen in the 80´s. It was his third TC restoration. I bought the car after it had sat unused in his shed for 6 years. Very little had to be done to get it running and only minor repairs and adjustments to the steering and king pins to get it road registered.

I have had minor problems with oil seals in the rear end with the only real drama occurring when the differential broke in two. This gave me the opportunity to fit a lower ratio diff from a midget. It makes the car slower off the mark but speeds at around 100 km/hr can be achieved at much reduced revs. As the car has 16 inch wheels the combination is very practical.

My TC has a younger brother in the garage. It is a 1972 MG B Mk 2.

Don Phillips