Next weekend, August 17 - 19 (2001) the TC Owners Club [TCOC] is having a celebration weekend party for our 1000 th general meeting. That's 1000 meetings since the Club was formed on 1st June 1961 [40 Years]. The club has met every 2nd Thursday night since inauguration. A special limit [60] edition 1000 meeting Badge Bar badge is being isssued to members. The badges are individually numbered and engraved with the members name.

Meeting 999 was held at my house last Thursday, 35 members turned up for the meeting. Meetings never start before 9 pm and the last finally when home some time after 1 am. Traditionally Mike Sherrell & John Bowles always the last to go. Then question often asked is "after 40 years of meeting every 2 weeks what have you guys got left to talk about ?????? TCs I guess.

A few of us had planned a trip to UK/Euro [3-4 months] with our TCs next year, but this has now been posponed to 2003 By changing to 2003 we will have the opportunity of attending the Black Forest rally that year. May see you there.

If you are a reader of Mikes "TCs Forever", the Clipper Blue TC featured throughout the book is my TC8077 in its prime. I have had the car for 25 years now, the restoration is 23 years old. The years of competion against Mike & several across Australia trips with Harry Pyle are starting to show. However it keeps going strong. Almost indestructable if feel Thats all for now

Regards Darryl Robins