I bought TC1871 in a hundred pieces in 1983, and it was about 75% complete having been dismantled and stored under a house for over 20 years (no seats, no interior trim, new timber kit, bent chassis, rusty panels, etc). Very little progress was made in the first 10 years, as I concentrated on my family, my career and my MGB. Since I retired 7 years ago I have worked consistently on the project, and with much help from some very skilled friends the project was finished in August 2005. Everything has either been rebuilt or replaced (except the gearbox), so it is virtually "as new". It is mostly original, except for a 4.825 diff conversion, a Datsun steering box and the addition of indicators. The color is as close as I could get to the original MG or Regency Red, with beige upholstery and tan cloth hood and sidecurtains. Parts were sourced from local Swap Meets, suppliers in Australia, UK and USA and from eBay. "TC's Forever" was the most useful reference book I used.

I am a member of the Geelong MGCC (currently the President). We have a membership of over 400, with 15 TC's. Recently I went to Melbourne for a gathering of TC's to recognise 60 years since their release. There were 110 TC's in attendance. The MGCC Victoria (Melbourne based) has a very good TC Register with about 400 cars listed (you are probably familiar with that) and my car is shown. That's enough about my car and myself, and I am looking forward to joining in the fun of belonging and contributing to "T-ABC".

Doug Sherman