"Someday this will be mine! It has my name all over it!" Lucas Tasa



I bought TC 3896 (XPAG 4531) in 1980 from a friend in the MG Car Club Germany who had started the restoration and had finished some of the rolling chassis. I continued with the resoration, taking a break to build and move into a new house, over the next 9 years and in 1989 registered the car and returned it to the roads. It's basically a stock TC with a 4.625 differential conversion which helps reduce rpms on trips at highway speeds. It's a pleasure to drive and we only wish we had more free time to drive it -- something to look forward to.

Over the years, I've always tried to share my hobby with the family, to keep my wife Kathy happy enough to tolerate "those damn cars" and keep my son's involved. It hasn't always worked, but here are a few happy memories preserved in photos.

David and Kathy Tasa