David Edgar

TC5108 in 2006

After seeing my neighbors beautiful TD when I was about 8 years old, I knew I wanted one when I grew up. Then I learned about TCs. I purchased TC5108 November 1,1967 for $900 from Charles Enberg, who had raced it in the San Diego area. I drove it as was for a few years as it fell apart and then life got in the way (went into the service, got married, had kids) but in 1974 I took an engine rebuilding class. I was able to rebuild the XPAG in class (sleeved, and bored it out myself) and got an A in the class. The rest of the car was done on our back patio and garage and was finished up to finally show it in 1979 at the GoF West in San Diego. Over the years I have added tripod headlamps, tapered axles, Alfin drums, Petronix ignition, Chevy rear crank seal, tapered front wheel bearings, sealed rear hub bearings and axle seals. But I still retain the Bishop's cam steering and am happy with it. The 35 year old restoration shows age here in 2014 but still drive it on 300 round trip miles to club meetings and some longer trips on events.

- David

David (right), his wife and brother with TC5108 in 1974.