These are photos of my '49 TC. I purchased it in 2001 in Missasauga Ontario, and towed it home to Iowa, The car was mechanically sound but had extensive braze patching done in an earlier restoration. After stripping the body and uncovering rotten wood and unsalvageable tub sheet metal, I rebuilt the tub with wooden members and sheet metal purchased from Moss. The photos show a midpoint in rebuild tub with new wood, then skinning that with new sheet metal. Fenders and doors were smoothed by local body shop. I painted the tub, then realized I was far too slow at painting and farmed out the rest of paint work to the same body shop. I've just gotten the car back on the road; with new carbs and retiming I've found car to be a kick to drive. I also have a nice 1960 MGA. We enjoy driving both cars into town for ice cream on Sunday nights, I drive the TC with my 10 year old son alongside, my wife follows at the wheel of the "A" . The two cars always attract attention at the ice cream shops.

Frank Wright