I purchased the car 30 years ago as a basket case while I lived in Sydney, Australia. I also had an original TF 1250 and ZB Magnette at the time. I proceeded to completely dismantle the car to the bare chassis. In 1976 we moved back to Melbourne with the myriad of loose parts & panels of the original TC , three other TC chassis, many engines etc etc, were squeezed into a removal van with our total househould furniture. The cheeky removalists asked me if I was a scrap metal dealer!!! I drove the TF from Sydney to Melbourne, top down & windscreen flat (no aero screens either!!) all the way (1040ks) -- a trip to really remember.

This has been repeated in the reverse direction, in the current TC, many times since, to Historic Motor Racing events in Sydney. In Melbourne during 1978 the slow TC restoration began. By this time I was also restoring a 1937 MG SA Saloon from the chassis up, body off! As I had previously restored a TC in Sydney to Concourse original condition (it won the MG Car Club National Concourse d'Elegance in 1973 as best TC and outright winner against K3's etc.

I decided this time to build a cycle guarded "Boy Racer" style with 16" wheels, extractors, TR2 bucket seats, plus sundry engine modifications, but as can be seen from the photo, it is totally standard apart from that. The car was finished, finally in the late 80's, over 20 years ago, and remains in the condition shown in the photo and has only done 21,600 miles since the rebuild.

Graham Hore